I’m an NHS doctor, Labour councillor and trade unionist with an unwavering commitment and total passion for public service. Cambridgeshire and Peterborough faces huge political and ideological challenges as our communities begin to recover from the CoVid-19 pandemic. It not just a health crisis, it’s an economic crisis too. We have to show that only a Labour mayor with Labour values can drive the healing process. We have to show that only the Labour way will help with the recovery. We have to show that the answer is not more austerity and privatisation. We have to show it’s only democratic socialism that can bring about an inclusive and fairer society. I’ll champion 21st century transport, affordable housing and decent jobs. I am a winner and I want us to win. I am a candidate who is at home in both our rural shires and in our metropolitan areas. I know how to win in places Labour normally doesn’t – I am the first Labour district councillor in St Neots in 30 years. I’ll campaign hard with councillors; the PCC and council candidates; and all our members so together, we can beat the Conservatives. As a councillor I have a proven track record of working constructively with all those around me. My current NHS work places me at the heart of communities. I meet, help and support people from all walks of life. As Labour mayor I will be at the heart of the community and a force for transformative change.

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